CORONA DELAY :/ As we’re all trying to figure out what will happen next, so are we here at Hans Jaeger. Our initial goal was to start shooting this summer (2020) but Corona has hit us hard and we don’t think we will be able to raise enough funds anytime soon. This doesn’t mean Hans Jaeger is not happening. It just means it isn’t happening now. However we will use this extra time to come up with an even better script, to take the time to work on details and put everything together nicely. Hans Jaeger is not dead, just under quarantine! See you soon and stay healthy!

Coming in 2021: Hans Jaeger is the messed up story of Hans, an utterly undesirable underdog who tries hard to conquer his intended, and fails even harder. It’s the story of his best friend Peter, who loves chasing girls and drinking beer almost as much as the sound of himself talking.

There are many claims about the German sense of humor, too many videos show the German mating rituals in all its colors, shapes, and golden glory. But little is known about the German courtship. How does a German adolescent male attract its female counterpart? How does this softly voiced pup of a German Shepherd make the transition into a fully grown specimen? No one outside of this harsh sounding country has ever witnessed it, but we’re here to show you.

Hans Jäger is a dark comedy coming of age story set in present day Berlin, Germany. A city which as of late has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Hans Jäger will show you this hyped city from a different point of view, from a guy who doesn’t drink or do drugs, doesn’t get into clubs, and is rather scared of all those fetish sex parties.

It’s a love story gone wrong, leading down a dark and gritty path. It’s a story about friendship with all it’s ups and downs. It’s about falling for the wrong person a hundred times and not knowing where to go from there. It’s about someone who has to find his own truth by trial and error to make sense of it all.