Funding the production / finding our new co-producer Sophie

The last weeks I’ve concentrated on the script, and the same time met with our DP and other potential crew members. It’s been quite busy but things are moving forward. We set ourselves a few goals for the next couple of months. One obvious one is to get the scrip to a point where I am confident to share it with everyone involved. So far most of the cast and crew member only know the outline.

Another step is going to be to shoot a teaser and start a crowd sourcing campaign. At first I was very reluctant to do so. I thought this film I will completely finance myself. I will ask people to help me out, max out some credit cards, the usual low-budget madness. It was our DP who gave me the advice to at least try raising some funds in advance. Just to add a bit of production value and best-case-scenario to also pay the people involved. I know everyone so far joined either out of passion for the project, to gain experience, out of friendship, well or because we got married several years back. 😉 But we gotta at least try. Our project has ambitions serious enough, and recognizable potential, to be fully funded and produced.

This leads us to the topic producing. With everything happening at once, so many things left to do, and the creative part of writing constantly swirling around in my head, it’s hard to get it all properly done. Once again our DP advised me to reach out for help, to give up and share some of the responsibilities of producing this project. Through several channels I reached out to potential co-producers. A few days ago I finally got a promising email from Sophie, a student of art history and film, a girl right in the middle of becoming her own creative self, eager to gain experiences, eager to apply herself. I met her today for a coffee at Wonderpots and from what we could gather in this short hour she will be a good match for our project and team. Hope scheduling wise we will manage everything. In a future post I will introduce each team member properly to you.