Meetings and gear check

Yesterday I’ve met with a potential cinematographer/DP for our movie in a cafe in Neukölln and the meeting went great. Our ideas in terms of style, color etc. seem to match. I feel he is a great addition to our team, bringing in a good amount of professional experience and education combined with an ongoing lust to learn and experiment. I’m looking forward to introduce him to everyone here once we had out first production meeting in January. Until then I got a few more one-on-one’s scheduled. A few first casting candidates have sent me their show reels as well and I think there are some promising ones I will ask to meet in January as well. Last but not least, I’ve taken my camera out of rental for the holidays. I’ve only had it for a few weeks before I gave her(?) to a local rental place. (UFO Filmgerät) Something I did to help me a little with the financing of the movie. Today we started with some test shots. There was no real acting involved, nor was there a story. It was basically checking out how different pieces of gear work together, a couple hours of setup and so on. I got a gear fetish, so this was actually also pretty fun! Tomorrow and the day after I’ll head back into writing. My wife’s out of town shooting in Belgium for two weeks. So I shall use the empty house to work over some rough parts of the script again.

All the best! Marco Boerner

PS: Does anyone have any advice how to not have people confuse me with Hans Jäger? Hans Jäger is the name of the movie, but quite a lot of people would address me with Hans. Kinda funny how the main character is getting a life of his own even well before anyone has read the script! 😀