When ‘l’ becomes ‘We’

Early 2019 I will finally attempt to shoot the movie I’ve been working on for past year! And I’m looking for collaborators, crew, cast, and whichever support I can get!

Maybe you got nothing better to do during the cold Berlin winter, maybe you got some extra vacation time you need to spend until the end of March, maybe you’re just curious, maybe you got a great idea, maybe you wanna make some friends who don’t forget about you once the booze and drugs are wearing off, or maybe you are my brother who sold my snowboard years ago without telling me and I just found out about it and now I think you owe me some time of yours at the least! Yes Mike Lancaster – that last part is directed at you!

So if you are any of those mentioned above let’s have a chat!

At the moment it seems shooting will start very late in February. Pre-production is commencing soon! I might do a test shooting in December.

It’s gonna be a challenging experience, it might get nerve-wracking at times, but hopefully it’s gonna be a lot of fun and great memories for everyone! Whatever time and effort you put in, I’ll be in your debt! Any project, creative or otherwise, you need help with, I’m your man!

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